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The dramatic drop in demand for passenger air transport due to the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the viability of many firms in the air transport sector, with many jobs at stake. 

Many pilots (who have invested time, effort and expense in gaining their licenses and ratings) have been furloughed or made redundant.  When the aviation industry recovers, pilots will be able to return to the skies however until that time there is the issue of Skills Fade

We are aware that Skills Fade is both a worry and expense to pilots, especially those currently unemployed. We can help those who wish to invest time and effort through SKILLS FADE AVOIDANCE TRAINING by creating bespoke, similar fleet, Virtual Refresher Training sessions and cost-effective sim practice sessions. This is pure training, not checking, not assessing, simply training professional pilots to maintain and improve their own skill set.

We use UK CAA and EASA Certified Fixed Base Training (FTDs) Simulators and Full Flight Simulators (FFS).  

Here's how it works:

  • Contact BradAir for a chat about Skill Fade Avoidance Training.
  • BradAir will provide an individual bespoke training program which reflects your training needs, aims and objectives. This could be handling skills, improving pilot competencies, a Loft exercise, Command preparation or Failure Management Training (to name but a few).
  • Book a private sim session through BradAir which will allow you to practice your skills. 
  • t can be a one-to-one sim session, or if you find a like-minded pilot also wanting to improve their skills, this is a more cost-effective option.
  • Prior to the sim day, attend an included 2 hour virtual briefing session (MS Teams or Zoom) dedicated to discussing your own individual requirements at a convenient time. We will give practical pointers and top tips for you to complete your preparation. If you have a sim partner then both join in together.
  • You can now fully prepare for the session in your own time

On the Sim Training Day

  • A full 60-minute briefing prior to the sim session to discuss your requested training elements.
  • A sim training session – minimum 2 hours.
  • Subject to approval from the simulator companies, your session may be recorded for your own reference.
  • A 30-minute debrief of the session with pointers from the session.

Additional Information 

REMEMBER – IT IS YOUR SIM SESSION - there will be no airline management nor any company trainers watching you. What you get out of this training is what you want to achieve within the session.

BradAir can help reduce the effect of Skills Fade by training cost effectively: charging for the simulator hire at cost price and, as an introductory offer, adding a reduced instructor fee only payable for the sim session time.  Minimum session is two hours sim time and this can be shared between two pilots.

 We will also add a virtual pre-sim session briefing, where we can learn what you actually want to practice, and design a session to meet your needs.

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