The one-day Failure Management Techniques(FMT) course has been proven to teach you the skills to manage all types of failures effectively and with confidence. It provides you with nine hours of valuable ground school training and practice for less than the price of one hour's training in a full flight simulator.

One of the hardest elements to learn in the flight deck is coping with failures correctly. The focus of this course is to learn the correct techniques for coping with failures and how to correctly manage the aircraft and flight deck once the failure has been contained.

The course is delivered in small groups to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to ask questions and absorb techniques. You can learn and practice in a structured teaching environment which will help you to develop your skills and improve your LPC/OPC scores.

FMT course covers:

  • Practical multi-crew CRM and improving Pilot Competencies
  • Maintaining standards
  • Managing failures on the flight deck
  • Observe and practice managing system failures (over 20 different examples)
  • How and what to prepare for your next LPC/OPC sim ride
  • Combating ‘sim-i-tis’!
  • Watch and discuss Failure Management Techniques in action.

Additional Information:

The course starts at 8.30am and finishes at 5pm.
Tea, coffee and lunch are provided.
Cost upon application, and varies on number attending / venue location

Contact  +44 (0)7973 132 112