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​​​An interactive ground course dedicated to Command Preparation Training (CPT). This course will equip you for the biggest step in your flying career – the Command upgrade. It is also suitable for pilots who have recently received their upgrade and are looking to build their confidence.

Learn and practice Failure Management Techniques, including how to correctly manage a multi-crew flight deck during system failures with a successful outcome - every time. The classroom course will also teach you proven techniques for managing the workload in stressful situations. A practical understanding of the Pilot Competencies skills feature throughout this course.  At the end of this CPT course you will have a personalised 'route map' charting what skills you need to improve and how to be better prepared.

Most pilots choose one-to-one Command Prep training. With 100% focus on you throughout the day, it allows more time for questions and can respond to individual requirements for your Command upgrade.

The CPT course (group/individual) covers:

  • What makes a good Commander
  • Practical multi-crew CRM and how to improve Pilot Competencies
  • Managing failures on the flight deck
  • Maintaining standards
  • How to combat ‘sim-i-tis’!
  • Boost confidence
  • Understanding what the Command accessor is looking for
  • Review common failure points.

Practical details:
Limited to a maximum of two pilots per day, however most courses are on a one-to-one basis.
The course starts at 8:30am and finishes at 5pm.
Tea / coffee and lunch are provided throughout the day.

Simulator Extension:
Put the classroom theory into practice in a full flight simulator (FFS) session. This optional course extension can be arranged in a Boeing/Airbus simulator, giving you first-hand experience on the aspects of managing a flight deck from the left-hand seat in both normal and non-normal operations

Cost upon application, and varies on number attending / venue location

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