​Tel.    + 44 (0)7973 132 112

He also examines at the following levels:

B737 LST, LPCs and ATPL Skill Tests
TRI examiner on initial,
 renewals and revalidations
TRE Standards Course EAOC Examiner

Senior examiner for UK and EASA TRE/SFE Revalidations and Renewals

Certified Aviation Expert Witness since 2014

Brian has over 34 year of airline flying experience, 15,000 flying hours, 10,000 on the B737,  18 years in airline training and specialises in advanced training of pilots at commercial level. He holds EASA  (MLT.FCL.112038R) and UK (GBR.FCL.228055H) licences. He is an experienced trainer in the following courses :

  • B737 Type Ratings
  • TRI Course Tutoring
  • TRE Standards Course Tutoring
  • Train the Tutors Course
  • MCC, JOC and AQP
  • ​Virtual Training groundschool - bespoke courses

Upper Freeman of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots

Captain Brian Bradley is the principle Trainer / Examiner at BradAir Aviation Consultancy 

Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society since 1998

Contact  +44 (0)7973 132 112

BradAir delivers quality advanced airline pilot training and training consultancy (UK and EASA), supporting Airlines, ATOs and individual commercial pilots.

We are experienced independent aviation training and checking professionals, committed to improving the skill set and competence of commercial pilots. We deliver high quality training with the single aim of enhancing pilots careers at all levels.  

Our focus is to maximise the positive training value of every course we are involved in, resulting in safer, more effective and efficient pilots, instructors and examiners.

We carry out bespoke training to accommodate your needs. Please find below some areas of our expertise:


  • B737 Training Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Type Rating Aircraft and Simulator Training
  • B737 Skills Tests and LPCs (UK & EASA)
  • TRE / SFE revalidations and renewals (UK & EASA Senior Examiner)
  • B737 ATPL Skills Tests  (UK & EASA)
  • B737 TRI Courses -Tutor and Examiner  (UK & EASA)
  • B737 TRI upgrade courses - LIFUS and Base Training  (UK & EASA)
  • TRE Standards Course Tutor and EAOC Examiner  (UK & EASA)
  • Train the Tutors course.  (UK & EASA)
  • Skills fade - bespoke virtual refresher training (for Pilots / Instructor / Examiner) with optional practice sim sessions to meet the individual personal requirements
  • Simulator Assessment Practice for pilots seeking new employment opportunities 
  • CommandPrep.Com - BradAir's unique Command Preparation training courses
  • Command Assessment practice and assessment
  • Failure Management Training (classroom and optional simulator)
  • Specialised advice on the evaluation, acceptance certification procedures and use of civil aircraft simulators.
  • Qualified EASA and CAA Simulator Evaluator as Acting Flight Operations Inspector.